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a guide to sizes and costs

Use our simple size comparison guide below to work out how much storage you need.
Note: 1 cubic metre (m³) = 35.312 cubic feet


5 cu ft (0.14 m³)

Equivalent to the size of a guitar or 1 box

or a small chair, a mirror, a painting or a lamp


10 cu ft (0.28 m³)

Equivalent to the size of a surf board or 2 boxes

or a small chest of drawers, a side table, camping equipment, christmas decorations or a bike


25 cu ft (0.71 m³)

Equivalent to a running machine or 7 boxes

or an armchair, a large amplifier, a rowing machine or children’s outside toys


50 cu ft (1.41 m³)

Equivalent to the size of a sofa bed or 10 boxes

or a small sofa, a dining table or a wardrobe


100 cu ft (2.83 m³)

Equivalent to the size of a canoe or 20 boxes

or a corner suite, scuba diving equipment, shed contents or contents of a spare room

If you have over 100 cu ft (2.83m3) to store please click here

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what's included

* Cost is per week and includes free collection and delivery within 5 miles of your local store. Minimum storage is for 12 weeks. Additional collection or delivery is £15.

Collection and delivery is available outside and further than our 5 mile radius and we can store and collect any item. Contact us today for further pricing.

We will price and store any item or collection of items TRY US!

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