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Need business storage?
we collect, store or shred

We offer a complete storage or shredding solution. Simply pack up those surplus business items, we will collect, store or shred at our Simply Store storage and shredding facility.

store those seldom used items

Skis? Christmas decorations? or the odd sofa bed, we’ve all got things that are only used occasionally.
We’ll come along and pick them up and put it into our Simply Store storage facility out of your way. We have storage facilities everywhere.

put that tent away
until next time

We’ve all got items that are only used a couple of times a year that are shoved up in the loft or piled up in the garage or shed. Wouldn’t it good to put those occasionally used items away and out from under your feet.

Simply Store is an excellent way to store all your items from your home or garden, think of our storage facility as a second garage or another room in your house.

wardrobe bursting
at the seams?

You know the problem, you get to the end of the summer or winter season and you don’t need those seasonal clothes again until next year but you desperately need the wardrobe space.

So pack them up in a suitcase or box and we will come along and collect it and put it into our Simply Store storage facility until you need them again.